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Dayton C. Meadows V.

I am Dayton C. Meadows V., and my focus is on defending the two most important parts of your life – your freedom and your property. Regardless of your walk of life, I believe the path ahead is yours to control – yours to walk – and should only be taken from you in rare circumstances, if any at all. In each case the parties and events differ, but the emphasis on you and your control over your life remains the same. I am passionate about defending these cases and holding those with the authority and ability to take that from you accountable.

My passion stems from many sources, but none more than my upbringing. I was raised by my father, a United States Marine, and he instilled individual accountability and hard work into my DNA. At the age of 18, I decided to further develop these traits by joining the United States Marines Corps. During my time in the service, I learned how to remain resilient, overcome obstacles, and gain invaluable life experience. Yet, the most impactful aspect of my career, was incorporating the Corps fundamental principle of defending the rights and freedoms of others – no matter the opponent — no matter the cost.

Ten years later, I am still defending the same principle – and I am more passionate than ever. Many of you reading this may be at risk of losing your rights and freedom. You may be facing incarceration from a criminal charge – You could be losing your home from a construction defect, or denied home insurance claim. Yet, the premise is the same, you could lose the ability to control your own life.

This is why my practice exists. We understand the significance – and are ready to defend what is most important.


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