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As the first client of, Dayton Meadows. My impression was not misplaced. He is highly intelligent and has a great understanding of the law, and how to benefit the needs of his clients. He is easy to talk to, attentive in listening for your concerns, and gives you a thorough explanation of what to expect. He gives his clients his absolute attention. It was refreshing to have an attorney who was truly invested in the outcome of my case. Even when my case was over he still stayed invested to make sure I had all the information I needed to go forward and made himself available to me completely.

Elynn Lay

Dayton was very supportive and accommodating during my hearing. He stayed in contact to ensure I was doing well, nice to have someone who cares representing you.

Erin Caswell

Dayton is very calm and understanding. He is interested in his client’s needs. He was great to work with and I would use his services in the future. I highly recommend him.

Kate Bruno

Dayton showed up to court fully prepared with letters of recommendations from multiple people within 3 days of contacting him, and went out of his way to speak to the prosecutor prior to court. Always answers the phone, and goes above and beyond any attorney I’ve ever had. Absolutely wholeheartedly would recommend. He changed the outcome of not only my criminal case, but my future.

Arianna Clark

I came to Dayton after finding him through my findings of looking for a lawyer, I emailed him and he responded right away. I then met with him, and he is very down to earth, very helpful, how many people can say they felt comfortable the first visit, I can, He assured me that he will do his very best, He listened, I felt very confident when leaving the office that I had someone on my side, and being on disability most lawyers will not see or if they find out you are on disability they say oh I’m sorry it would be to expensive for you, or not call you back. Dayton will call, he will be upfront with you. Thank You Dayton Meadows for listening to the little guys because we will always remember you, and send our friends and family your way.

Georgia Harvey

Dayton is intelligent, down to earth, and genuinely cares personally for his clients. He negotiated a settlement offer for my case that exceeded my original expectations, and he did it in a very swift timespan. Would give 6 stars if possible.

Rachel Killough

I came across Dayton when I was looking for a lawyer. He immediately agreed to take my case, always replied immediately and kept me updated the entire process. He’s very down to earth and extremely hard working. He turned a bad situation into a happy ending, so effortlessly. Working with him was truly a pleasure and he will always be my lawyer. 10/10 all around!

Ashley Hauk
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